Emerald Metering and Utility Management (Pty) Ltd has developed a state-of-the-art system that can be integrated to any existing system that a sector occupies. E-metering is a unique internet hosted metering and billing system, which is fully owned by Emerald Metering & Utility Management (Pty) Ltd. The Company is equipped with a state-of-the-art software program, specifically developed for the management of utility services. Emerald Metering and Utility Management (Pty) Ltd, has set a system in place that makes it efficient to assist sectors for all their utility services.


E-Metering incorporates a best-in-class shopper commitment arrangement that instructs buyers and rouses them to make a move to moderate energy. Exact, constant admittance to cost, utilization, and ecological effect data permits clients to settle on better energy and water choices. Usefulness in E-Metering is measured, so provisions can be executed and designed to meet a Utility’s particular objectives.

E-Metering allows utilities to:

  • Provide clients with a simple to-utilize, information rich energy entry-way.
  • E-Metering permits utilities to give individual clients admittance to applicable, modern data with respect to their power, water, and gas use and expenses.
  • Promote Time-of-Use (TOU) evaluating. Clients can investigate the expense effect of their utilization designs when Time-of-Use and occasion-based rates are accessible. Utilizing the duty examination device, buyers are urged to consider time sensitive evaluating projects to lessen costs
  • Improve consumer loyalty. E-Metering empowers end-clients to effectively get data to more likely comprehend their utilization, consequently decreasing the quantity of calls and grievances utilities get. Thus, utilities lower client assistance costs.

Retail Sector 

Most energy spending plans look to the past. They start with the presumption that one year from now will look a lot of equivalent to last year, and afterward layer on a fudge factor for rate increments or significant inhabitancy changes. The outcomes are typically off base. Luckily, there is a superior way. 

Energy bills differ from one year to another, determined by variables like climate, charging cycle length, and rate changes. Last year, February may have begun a Monday and incorporated an extraordinary warmth wave. This year it begins a Saturday, and the climate is impossible to say. Representing these varieties is interesting.

High utility expenses and diminished financial plans for projects like retrofitting are constraining corporate property heads to look for guaranteed cost decrease. Even though energy addresses a critical level of absolute corporate structure use, negligible financing is accessible for energy the board mediations, especially huge tasks. This implies that energy experts should have the option to pinpoint abuse and failure, and to recognize fast successes that quickly lessen working expenses and further develop income.

Here are some of elements that help those answerable for energy investment funds in corporate structures to take care of their responsibilities competently: 

  • Consumption approval for differing duty time regions 
  • Cost breakdown for normal regions 
  • Energy utilization map 
  • Expenses portion by office 
  • Passive utilization auto-recognition 
  • Cost per square meter, per individual, each degree day

Energy management and optimisation 

Energy Management is about ensuring that any device that uses electricity (or even water) should only consume the power when it is necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Our energy management solution enables our customers to minimize electricity and water wastage. 

Energy efficient solutions  

Once you have ensured that your consumption is being measured and (most importantly being billed correctly, the next step is to look for ways that can reduce your consumption.

Areas of focus 

Charging/Billing customers for their electricity and water  

Regardless of whether it’s your own service bills or that of your customers, Emerald Metering and Utility Management (PTY) Ltd. can smooth out the whole interaction, check exactness, research purchasing versus selling models or even assume control over the obligation of the utility charging totally

Emerald & Utility Management (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black-owned business, with a level one B-BBEE rating, that brings sustainable energy and water management solutions to the South African Market and beyond.

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